From Richard Baxter’s A Christian Directory, Chapter 2, Part 2, pages 48-49,

When you are repenting of or avoiding any extreme, do it not without sufficient fear and caution of the contrary extreme. In the esteem and love of God, your ultimate end, you need not ear overdoing: nor any where, when impediments, and backwardness or impotency, do tell you that you can never do too much. But sin lieth on both sides of the rule and way: and nothing is more common, than to turn from one sin to another, under the name of duty or amendment. Especially this is common in matter of opinion. 
Some will first believe, that God is nothing else but mercy, and after, take notice of nothing but his justice. First, they believe that almost all are saved, and afterward, that almost none: first, that every profession is credible, and next, that none is credible without some greater testimony: first, that none are now partakers of the Holy Spirit; and next, that all saints have the Spirit, not only to illuminate and sanctify them, by transcribing the written word upon their hearts; but also to inspire them with new revelations, instead of Scripture.
The remedy against this disease, is, to proceed deliberately, and receive nothing and do nothing rashly and unadvisedly in religion. For, when you have found out your first error, you will be affrighted from that into the contrary error. See that you look round about you; as well to the error that you may run into the other side, as into that which you have run into already.