From Richard Baxter’s A Christian Directory, Chapter 1, Part 1, page 32,

“Therefore the devil will make them a religion which shall please them and do their sins no harm…and a little will draw a carnal heart to believe a carnal doctrine. It is easier to get such a new religion, than a new heart. And then the devil tells them that now they are in the right way, and therefore they shall be save. A great part of the world think their case is good, because they are of such or such a sect or party, and of that which (they are told by their leaders) is the true church and way.
But remember, that whatever law you make to yourselves, God will judge you by his own law. Falsifying the king’s coin is no good way to pay a debt, but an addition of treason for your former misery. It is a new and holy heart and life, and not a new creed, or a new church or sect, that is necessary to your salvation. It will never save you to be in the soundest church on earth, if you be unsound in it yourselves, and are but the dust in the temple that must be swept out: much less will it save you, to make yourselves a rule, because God’s rule doth seem too strict.”