We are down to our final two Reform theologians.  After beginning with 64 Reformed theologians – from Martin Luther to Meredith Kline – we are down to (surprise, surprise) two no. 1 seeds:  John Calvin and Jonathan Edwards.

Calvin never really had any difficulty in getting to the final round.  In fact, only two people voted against Calvin, and that was in the Elite Eight and Final Four.  Douglas Kelly, Martin Bucer, Geerhardus Vos, Martin Luther, and John Frame have all fallen to the mighty Calvin.

Jonathan Edwards also had a relatively easy journey to this championship round.  Greg Bahnsen, Gisbertus Voetius, Charles Hodge, and Sinclair Ferguson didn’t pose much threat to Edwards.  Although, the Final Four matchup against John Owen was closer.

So, who do you got?  John Calvin or Jonathan Edwards?  Voting ends Thursday!