I tell you what, if you weren’t Reformed before this tournament, you should be now.  God’s providence is striking in this Elite 8 round!  Calvin and Luther square off as 1-2 seeds to crown the champion of the Westminster region.  (Cue Calvin versus the Puritans debate.)

Then, you have the students taking on their teachers.  3 seed John Frame survives Berkhof (by one vote) to take on the man who most influenced his thinking, Cornelius Van Til.  Frame still is a friendly critic of Van Til.  Though maybe Frame will have it out for his former professor after Van Til took down 1 seed Herman Bavinck (a major upset, in my book).

The lowest seed in the final eight, Sinclair Ferguson, faces his most daunting opponent in 1 seed John Owen.  Ferguson has written extensively on Owen.  Perhaps Sinclair’s Presbyterian polity can put himself over the congregationalist in Owen.

And finally, I contend you have two of North America’s most rigorous and intelligent theologians, Jonathan Edwards and B.B. Warfield, going at it in the other 1-2 matchup.  Warfield doesn’t have the beauty of an Edwards, but his scholarship changed the game for confessional Presbyterians in the 20th century.

Voting lasts until Thursday, April 4.  You may vote through Facebook, e-mail, or post a comment.


Westminster Region

1 John Calvin v 2 Martin Luther

Heidelberg Region

4 Cornelius Van Til v 3 John Frame

Dordt Region

1 Jonathan Edwards v 2 B.B. Warfield


1 John Owen v 7 Sinclair Ferguson