A high octane round of 32 is in the books.  Vos overcame his translator, Richard Gaffin.  Van Til squeaked past Kuyper.  Machen blew out Murray (which surprised me).     i think the upset of the round was Ridderbos over Turretin.  And, while many Puritan lovers wanted their Aumyraldian hero, Richard Baxer, to advance, he los by one vote to Meredith Kline.

I think Luther vs Knox is an interesting matchup, as is Bavinck v Van Til.  I think the two most likely upsets are Berkhof over Frame and Ferguson over Kline, but we’ll see how voting goes.

Last day of voting is Friday March 29.  Vote through FB, blog comment, or e-mail.

Westminster Region

1 John Calvin v 4 Geerhardus Vos

3 John Knox v 2 Martin Luther


Heidelberg Region

1 Herman Bavinck v 4 Cornelius Van Til

3 John Frame v 7 Louis Berkhof


Dordt Region

1 Jonathan Edwards v 4 J Gresham Machen

6 Herman Ridderbos 2 B.B. Warfield


Marburg Region

1 John Owen v 4 Charles Hodge

3 Meredith Kline v 7 Sinclair Ferguson