Round 1 of ReforMadness is in the books!  With votes coming through Facebook, blog comments, and e-mail, the results are in.  I am pretty surprised with several of the upsets.  The trends in voting are also interesting.  The Southern Presbyterians (Dabney, Thornwell, and Girardeau) are gone after the first round!  While most gave the edge to the Northern Presbyterians of the 19th century, Dabney almost upset Frame, but lost by a vote.  Sorry to all Confederate lovers.

In a battle of contemporary Reformed authors, Michael Horton (as a 6 seed) got blown out by 11 seed RC Sproul.  Though Horton is more of a scholar and academic theologian than Sproul (and his technical contributions to dogmatics will last longer than Sproul’s contributions), many appreciate Sproul’s popularizing theology as he made covenant theology well-known again in North America.

The Voetians are celebrating over the Coccians.  And the Vanhoozerians are disappointed in losing out to controversial Puritan, William Ames.

This second round should prove most interesting. Calvin v Bucer and Bullinger v Knox give us contemporary Reformation duels.  Gaffin seeks to take down the theologian he emulates (and translates), Geerhardus Vos, and Van Til will take down his Dutch counterpart, Abraham “Every Square Inch” Kuyper!

Berkhof and Barth face off to see which Reformed theologian had the greatest influence in 20th century Reformed systematic theology.  Sproul and Frame battle for contemporary popular Reformed prominence.  And finally, will the Scotsman who couldn’t get ordained in Calvary Presbytery of the PCA if he were alive today, John Murray, be able to upset J Gresham “The Warrior” Machen?

It’s round 2 of ReforMadness!  Final day to vote is March 24.  You may vote through e-mail (, Facebook, or post a comment.

Westminster Region

1 John Calvin v 9 Martin Bucer

5 Richard Gaffin v 4 Geerhardus Vos

6 Heinrich Bullinger v 3 John Knox

7 Zacharias Ursinus v 2 Martin Luther


Heidelberg Region

1 Herman Bavinck v 8 A.A. Hodge

5 Abraham Kuyper v 4 Cornelius Van Til

11 R.C. Sproul v 3 John Frame

7 Louis Berkhof v 2 Karl Barth


Dordt Region

1 Jonathan Edwards v 8 Vern Poythress

5 John Murray v 4 J Gresham Machen

6 Herman Ridderbos v 3 Frances Turretin

7 Herman Witsius v 2 B.B. Warfield


Marburg Region

1 John Owen v 9 Gisbertus Voetius

12 William Ames v 4 Charles Hodge

11 Richard Baxter v 3 Meredith Kline

7 Sinclair Ferguson v 15 John Flavel