I jotted down these thoughts on ministry some time ago while reflecting on the grind that parish ministry brings to a pastor.  Flawed, brief thoughts, but I think there is some truth here.

Leadership of the church is like a hospital medical staff.  The pastor is the head surgeon. Elders are doctoral interns, able to do medical acts.  Deacons are nurses.  Much of the time, we aren’t doing routine checkups twice a year on people. Rather, we are like a hospital in downtown Chicago on a Friday night receiving patients with gun shot wounds.  Ministry is not routinistic, but occasionalistic.

Obviously I am presupposing a “three-office” perspective concerning church officers over the popular two-office or two-and-a-half office views.  Still, I think there is much to meditate on with these words.  Maybe a future blog post will explicate this more.